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Пости Arjan

Поштовий індекс.: 5447 AB
Місто: Rijkevoort
Країна: Нідерланди
Максимальна кількість гостей: 3 .
Максимальна кількість часу перебування: Необмежено
Гості 1647

Nice big room for mother with 1 or 2 children (or 2 women)

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Room: Big nice room (30 m2) in a nice big house with big garden. In the room are 3 beds, a bench, wardrobe, table, TV. The family: parents, 4 children, cat. The house: big familyhouse, seperate bathroom and toilet for the guests and the children. Big playingroom with many toys for inside or outside. Nearby a school. The village: A village with 1600 inhabitants, in the south-east part of The Netherlands. Nearby are small and larger cities. A railwaystation is at 5 km distance. School: If you take children, it's allright for you that they are going to school. Guests: You are with two or three persons. You are with one ore two women. If you take children, they are in the age below 13 year. You want to work (paid or volunteer), for example in a farm. You can speak English or German. You are willing to help us with cooking and cleaning. No pets.