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Пости Hugo & Gabriele

Поштовий індекс.: 1026CA
Місто: Amsterdam
Країна: Нідерланди
Максимальна кількість гостей: 1 .
Максимальна кількість часу перебування: 100 дні.
Гості 1240

Accomodation for 1 person Amsterdam

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We (Gabriele, Hugo and daughter Luzia) have a guest room available in our house in Durgerdam (a village that belongs to Amsterdam). We have a dog (white shepherd), a grand piano, large garden and a lake ('IJ-meer') just in front of our house. And bicycles (Amsterdam downtown is not far away). Gabriele and Hugo both work in health care (Gabriele: board of an elderly home, Hugo: formerly professor in economics, Amsterdam University, now board of a hospital), Luzia is at high school. We speak German, English, Dutch, a bit French, a tiny bit Russian. The room is the former sleeping room of our son. Shower should be shared with Luzia. The room is available from 15 May onwards.