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We have a spare bedroom with a double bed

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My husband and I live in a small town in West Virginia, United States of America. We have a spare bedroom with a double bed available to a Ukrainian family that needs someplace to stay. No set time frame, stay as long as needed. Our home is not large, but comfortable. If you have children, please let us know and we will make room for them. We love children, we have 6 grandchildren. Also, if needed, my mother (81) lives next door and has a spare room with a futon. We would welcome you with open arms. A little info about us. My husband and I both worked for the department of homeland security years ago and had passed all security clearances so we are honest folks. I also do a lot of canning and prepping and would be happy to share how to can etc if you wish to learn. We can only offer you a place to live, unfortunately we can not sponsor