Пости Alexandra

Поштовий індекс.: SP2 0FH
Місто: Salisbury
Країна: Велика Британія
Максимальна кількість гостей: 2 .
Максимальна кількість часу перебування: Необмежено
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Location Wilton, Salisbury, Wiltshire Type of place Small town next to a city Salisbury. Great primary and secondary schools Good transport . 40 minutes to seaside beach , calm new forest and near Stonehenge Who will be living in the property Myself , disabled mobility problems 50 , husband 51 works at local college. Son 11, daughter 8 and 2 pugs Rural, town, city A mixture everything easy to reach by bus or train Transport links Bus stop 5 minute walk. We have a car that fits our family plus 2 We would also welcome Jewish families as we are interfaith.