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Поштовий індекс.: Hg20dg
Місто: Harrogate
Країна: Велика Британія
Максимальна кількість гостей: 2 .
Максимальна кількість часу перебування: Необмежено
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Harrogate, England

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We have a double bedroom with separate bathroom and living room for 2 guests’ sole use (single woman or mother and child). Shared space includes kitchen, family room, dining room and garden. I am 46, my husband is 49, we have a 16 year old son, a 15 year old daughter and a Cockapoo dog. Harrogate is a lovely town in the north of England with great schools, shops, bars and restaurants. There are good transport links to the cities of Leeds and York. We live close to woods and a big park and within walking distance of the town centre and its amenities.