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Город: Risskov
Страна: Дания
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Accommodation available from end of April

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Hi! I am a 40 yo single mum of 2 boys of 2 and 3 yo. I live in a beautiful house in Risskov, with a guest room with space for two that is separated from our rooms, so the guests would have "peace" to rest. It would be great to host a mum with a kid with age around my kids, but this is not necessary. The good thing is that I have everything needed (crib, chairs, etc.) for kids that age. I put 2 weeks max. because I don't know how will it work, but I am more than willing to extend it. if needed. My mum is currently at home living in that room, so I could host only after she is gone, starting the 24th of April. I am sorry for this. I work full time, 2 days a week from my office (the rest at home) so the guests would be alone 2 days a week. I don't know if this is an issue. I speak Spanish as mother tongue, and fluently English, German and Danish. That's it! :) Great initiative!