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Почтовый код: TS12 2HJ
Город: Skelton
Страна: Великобритания
макс. количество гостей: 3 люди.
макс. продолжительность пребывания: Неограниченно
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Double Room

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Hi, We are Sarah & Tony. We live in the northeast of England, in a small town called Skelton. We live in a farm cottage surrounded by fields & woods. We have a double room spare Our children are grown up now, though we do see them & our grandchildren often. There is a lovely school/kindergarten in the town we have 3 dogs: jinx, brack & Winston. Brack likes to bark but is a softy & loves cuddles The room is available immediately, and you can stay as long as you need to I am a mental health nurse & tony is a support worker.