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Почтовый код: 3100-817
Город: Pombal
Страна: Португалия
макс. количество гостей: 4 люди.
макс. продолжительность пребывания: Неограниченно
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Safe place to be until the war ends

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I am a British/American dual national pensioner that lives alone (with my 2 dogs) in my villa in Portugal. I have two unoccupied large bedrooms and one small room with a double sofa bed that I am offering to mothers with children that have become refugees. I live on 2 acres and it is completely peaceful, safe, secure and calm (with the exception of the neighbours barking dogs). The bedrooms have locking doors with keys. I am willing to provide these rooms free of charge for as long as needed. I will provide help with the Portuguese government and other issues. To see all info about me please add me and message me on Facebook/Messenger at: Skype: steven.stoner Phone: +351924692420 Email: