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Почтовый код: 81198
Город: Österfärnebo
Страна: Швеция
макс. количество гостей: 2 люди.
макс. продолжительность пребывания: Неограниченно
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Mom with children/baby or single person

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SWEDEN 🇸🇪 Room on our farm for 1 adult and 2 younger kids or 1 older child (12+) and/or baby. We've clothes, blankets - everything what's needed. We'd buy a baby bed if you have a baby. Accommodation from now until you want to move away. We've animals like dogs, cats, horses, sheeps and much more. Perfect for kids to calm down and focus on something else. We speak fluently English, German, Swedish and I started to learn Ukrainian and would absolutely be interested to learn that even more. I've worked with kids for several years. We live lonely in the forest(no direct neighbours but anyway close to the supermarket, school etc), so a calm and soothing place. We help with anything you need help with! 81198 Österfärnebo, Gävleborgs län. We can pick up from trainstation: Avesta krylbo, Horndals bruk, Hedemora, Gävle C and Sandviken, if needed also from Sala.