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Город: 72460 - SAVIGNE L EVEQUE
Страна: Франция
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France : Room for 1 adult + 1 child​​/​​young

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French family offer a room with private bathroom (with shower) in our house for 2 persons (1 mum and 1 child​​/​​young) We live near Le Mans in France (10 minutes by car)​​,​​ we are 3 minutes by foot from shops (foods​​,​​ hairdresser ...) we are less 5 minutes to school by car (15 minutes by foot)​​,​​ 5 minutes from bus stop to Le Mans and high school Le Mans is 1 hour from center of Paris (gare montparnasse) by train. Like all big town​​,​​ there is job for everyone want to work. We are recense in townhall and authority to hosting refugees​​,​​ and help our hosts for administrative​​,​​ medical​​,​​ job search. We are a family with 2 child (13 and 15 years old) and a small dog (sorry for cats). Internet fiber at home It's free and human. we offer hosting​,​ eating​,​ family life you can stay until the end of this bad period I send phone number​​,​​ pictures and facebook profile via private message​​,​​ whatsapp Please don't reserve like an holliday vacation or hotel and let us without news and change for another country a few days later. many ukrainian need help at this time. (Five persons "reserve" in march, and no one give news, i have to refuse other ....) France is a really beautiful country​,​ medicals is free for ukrainian refugees​,​ school is free​,​ there is a program to help each one. According with my wife and children, we prefer a woman.