Posztolva Vitae

Irányítószám: 1073
Város: Budapest
Ország: Magyarország
Max. vendégek száma: 60 emberek.
Max. tartózkodási idő: Korlátlan
3 / 4 A kéréseket elfogadták.
látogatók 1137

Shelter offering beds in shared dorms

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Vitae Shelter offers shared dormitory-style accommodation for anyone fleeing the war in Ukraine in central Budapest. Total capacity of 60 beds. Rooms features: hotel style door locks, common area, use of computers, shared showers and toilet facilities, laundry services, free food and hygiene products, and use of a kitchen. Please, feel free to contact us if you are in need of accommodation: Email: vitaeshelter@gmail.com Phone: +36709338705 (Viber/ Whatsapp / Telegram) Facebook: facebook.com/VitaeShelter Reception Open from 11am to 8pm