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Irányítószám: B3Z 1G8
Város: Stillwater Lake
Ország: Kanada
Max. vendégek száma: 3 emberek.
Max. tartózkodási idő: 180 nap.
látogatók 1055

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Me and my husband live in a nice house outside of Halifax in a very nice area. We have a spare bedroom plus a large finished space downstairs for our guests to have privacy. We will share the kitchen and bathroom for now and we are trying to get another bathroom installed downstairs. We have 2 Labrador retrievers that are very friendly. We don’t have children but there are many in our neighborhood. My husband is retired from the Canadian military and will drive you to meetings and appointments. There is also a bus that takes about 30 minutes to walk to but it goes downtown Halifax very quickly. I’ve added a recent photo of us and one of our 2 dogs. I’ll take pictures of our house and yard today and post them.