Posztolva Filippa

Irányítószám: 13461
Város: Stockholm
Ország: Svédország
Max. vendégek száma: 8 emberek.
Max. tartózkodási idő: 60 nap.
1 / 20 A kéréseket elfogadták.
látogatók 1657

House for 8 persons, 30 min outside Stockholm, Swe

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My family has a house that can house 8 persons/2 families from Ukraine, from April 1 to July 1. ( IMPORTANT: Not suited for families with young children, as it is right next to the water. Children can not be left unattended! ) We think it would be great for 2 families that know eachother. The house has 5 bedrooms (2 beds for infants available). It is located 30 min outside Stockholm city centre. Nearest bus stop and supermarkets 5km away. We can help w transport, groceries but will not stay at the house ourselves.