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Post von Kris

Postleitzahl: T9H 5B4
Stadt: Fort McMurray
Land: Kanada
max. Anzahl Gäste: 6 personen.
max. Dauer des Aufenthalts: unbegrenzt
Besucher 1973

Accommodation in Nice Community

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I have a large home with 3 extra bedrooms with a big property in a nice community. The city is great for work opportunity with good wages to help get situated in Canada. I am a manager of a large company and could assist with helping find work. I have a very friendly dog so would need to like pets. There are great schools and a great community for support. The area I live has around 100,000 people and is a few hours north of a big city with 1,500,000 people. My city has a large oil industry so would be a great place to come to first when coming to Canada to earn money working and get to know Canada before deciding where to settle permanently. My family came from Ukraine to settle in Canada and I would love to have the chance to help another Ukrainian family do the same.