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Our small village on the Lower North Shore (Quebec) would be honoured to welcome a few families fleeing the Ukraine war who wish to settle here for the LONG TERM. Tête-à-la-Baleine is a small French-speaking village of about 100 residents in a majority English-speaking region, which is ideal for those who already speak English and wish to learn French. Each family could have access to a complete house near the sea and the forest. 👍 Safe: probably one of the safest places in North America. No crime for as long as anyone can remember, children can walk around safely. 🎩 Jobs: good job opportunities for those who cannot revalidate their training (and those who can of course). Office or physical jobs. Possibility to work in English. Possibility of training in the region. Also, seasonal jobs allow you to work part of the year (3-4 months) and receive money from the government the rest of the year to spend more time with your family. 👑 Cost of living is low, one salary is enough to live comfortably. Houses are among the cheapest in Canada. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Traditional (Catholic) community that would be extremely happy to receive families. Lots of support and love. 🎓 Education: children are in very small classes which is good for learning and integration. A variety of leisure activities are offered. Students can receive up to $10,000 more per year to continue their studies at the university. 🎖 Entrepreneurship: Facilitate starting a business and the possibility of receiving grants. Accompaniment is available for each step of the project. Sectors: tourism, agro-food, retail store, restaurants, communications, etc. 🚑 Family Doctor: One of the only places in Canada where you can be 99% sure of having a family doctor the second you arrive. Contact me for more details :