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You are welcome to our home and our family

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Hi. It is with sadness that I need to write this and you need to read it. But it enforces to me that we are all one people and we must all help each other. So, we are an "older" couple, M64 and me, F53. We have 2 big dogs, a greyhound and an Afghan Hound. Our new friend will need to be cool with them. They are lovely though and once your are in the "pack", the Afghan will guard your forever. We don't smoke. I vape outside. Our kids are grown and left home and our daughters room is free. You can stay as long as you need to. We are not your usual sort of people our age. Our house is not fancy and we are not rich but it is home. So it might be a bit messy sometimes. We go to bed when we want, get up when we want. Sometimes we are busy with work or hobbies. Sometimes it is lovely to just do nothing. We laugh, play music, sew, do woodwork, watch telly. Our road is only 9 houses, very quiet and we can walk to a country park. Our town is by the sea and from our house it is a nice walk, about 20 minutes to the main town and beach. There are a lot of work opportunities if you are happy to work in hotel, cafes or care homes for the elderly. But if you can work remotely (we do) we have a great internet connection and I will set up a tablet ready for you to use. I see a lot of people hoping for cities but away from large cities is eventually going to be cheaper to live for rents and local taxes and it is safer. We are about 90 minutes from London on the train. And about 70 minutes to Brighton. We play guitar and sing a bit. We are both pretty good with photoshop/3d graphics/design. You room isn't huge. It was our daughters until she moved out. It has a single bed and furniture but I will make sure it is all nice for you. There are 2 other bedrooms, one of which is use for work/crafts. We have an upstairs bathroom which we will share and there is another toilet downstairs. To reassure you have privacy I'll get a lock put on your door. It will save you getting woken up by a dog in your face too ! Downstairs is a kitchen, lounge and door to our private garden. If you have a car, you can have your own private parking space. You are welcome to eat with us or cook for yourself. Whatever makes you the most comfortable. I know at first you will need time to settle and recover. If you need to just shut yourself away at first, do that. If you want to sit in the garden all day, great, do that. Just chill, take time. You will be safe, with friends and no pressure. I am home all day so can show you around and help you with whatever, whenever you are ready. We hope to meet you soon. https://www.discoverbexhill.com/aboutbexhill.php