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Double room

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Me and my wife are able to offer accomodation for at least 6 months to a single non smoker Mother and child , the child being around 5-7 years old as we think this would be good company for our 6 year old son. We are able to offer a double room with double bed for the Mother and child to sleep in or if preferred the child may sleep in my son's room sharing a bunk bed. We have been living in beautiful Torbay down in Devon for the past two and half years and it is a lovely environment for a child to grow up in. Our house is only 10/15 minutes walk to the sea front with very good schools near by. Do not worry if your English is very limited as although my wife is a British citizen and has been living in the UK for the past 16 years she is originally from Gomel in Belarus so speaks your language fluently. We have registered on the government scheme website but as yet heard nothing back. My wife Nadezda would be more than happy to talk with you on a messenger/what's app video call if your English is limited. To all of you seeking refuge especially those with children I wish you the very best of luck. No child should have to live through the horror of war and I would like to think it it were my child seeking shelter someone somewhere would help him.